Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Rado Voyager Automatic Watch for Sale (RM 450 negotiable)

My 1st vintage watch that i bought is this little baby, Rado Vovager which bring me to the journey of buying vintage watch. The journey start when i saw my friend wearing a Rado i ask him the price he bought, to my surprise is very cheap, then i ask him to get me one Rado. He told me he got saw one and the price, i straight away ask him to take for me without taking a look at the Rado, don't even check is a original watch or a fake one. The next day i got the watch and pay him the money and was so wondering is it original or fake, i search online for 2 days to get information about rado watches. Here is the information you might need if you are to get a Rado watch next time :)

Tips and trick about Rado http://mike184.beepworld.de/fakesfranken.htm 

I brought this watch to service, and replacement of seal all that, and my watch marker charge me a high price in it, my 1st watch he service for me, after that we become friend and the price of watch service also decreased :) But still price of service need to depend on the engine model also.

Actually i went to find antique shop and blog there are many people selling Rado Voyager price from RM 300 to RM 450. But i can't find one that have a gold plated ring like mine and the dial condition is not so good also, the design a bit different.

Label: Sale RM 450 (negotiable) 


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